The European Championships for Space Models opening ceremony was on 24th of August on Heroes’ Street (RO | Calea Eroilor). The competition will take place between 24th and 30th of August.

An impressive festivity was organised and presented to the local authorithies, to the Romanian Modelling Federation officials and to the representatives of the World Air Sports Federation (FAI – Fédération Aéronautique Internationale). Also, the public from Buzău assisted to this great ceremony.

View here the entire gallery from the European Championship for Space Models 2019!

The European Championships for Space Models represents the biggest official and international competition organised in the county of Buzău. Over 200 participants which represent 19 countries will be for a week in our city, fighting for the most shiny continental medals!

On the sky, with the support of The Aurel Vlaicu Aerial Forces Application School from Boboc, a speclacular show could be seen and admired: a squad of two IAR 316B helicopters named Allouette. IAR 316 ia a training helicopter made by the Romanian Aeronautic Industry, under the licence of the French Aerospatiale Company. The production of this model started in 1975 at the IAR (Romanian Aeronautic Industry) Factory from Ghimbav and was stopped in 1987. 250 pieces were built, 125 for The Romanian Army. These were followed by three IAK 52 and two IAR 99. All the models that crossed the sky are of Romanian origin, used nowadays for education and training at the School from Boboc.

During The European Championships for Space Models opening ceremony, three soldiers from The ISR Training Centre, paratroopers, special operations and General – Major Grigore Baştan JTAC from Crâng forest Buzău, an important branch of Romanian military skydiving, performed a spectacular jump with the wing-parachute. They jumped from a Spartan aircraft, from 2000m height, with 1200m opening, piloting it and landing on fixed point on Heroes’ Street. The paratroopers Modruj Răzvan, Circovean Dacian and Sava Adrian are national, east – europeans and Balkan champions, with over 6000 jumps. In supporting the image of Buzău and for promoting the paratroopers, they flew with banners: Buzău, open city, the National Flag, the FAI flag and other banners about the competion which involves 19 countries.

The competion is organised by the Romanian Modelling Federation and Buzău City Hall, under the aegis of World Air Sports Federation (FAI – Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) and with the support of Ministry of Youth and Sport.


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